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about the author

"I've attempted to whisk the reader off to a world that at first may be unfamiliar, even uncomfortable—but always gripping and entertaining to the very end."

After decades in the corporate environment, Paula decided to pursue her true passion…writing, where she completed a collection of poetry entitled, ‘Quite Simply, How I feel,’ and soon after published the first African-American newspaper, ‘The Franklin Voice’ in her suburban New Jersey township, for which she received a NAACP ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award.’ After leaving her position as a small business editor for a New York City business magazine, she authored a self-help guide—‘How to Be an Entrepreneur and Keep Your Sanity,’ worked as a ghostwriter for a Korean War Veteran’s memoir, and lastly listened when the intriguing characters of the Alexander family in ‘A Woman’s Game,’ and ‘A Woman’s Game, The Sequel,’ began taking shape in her mind, prompting her to write their story, inclusive of their flaws, strengths, mistakes and triumphs—in other words, their humanity.