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AWG, The Sequel & AWG (amazon) Book Reviews

AWG, The Sequel (book reviews)

The first book was great, this book was excellent
This review is from LaVoun
The first book was great, this book was excellent. It kept me reading into late night because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The characters were so real. It ended with a cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next sequel. To the author: please don't keep us in suspense too long. Loved it!!

A Great Read!
This review is from Zende
It was like catching up with old friends. Drama filled with a hint of mystery. I can't wait to see who was at the airport! Until the sequel to the sequel.......

An entertaining read
This review is from amazon customer
Like the first novel, it was a quick read without a dull moment. True to life and love there were unexpected twists and turns throughout that led me to want to laugh in an instance and cry in the next. The character development was refreshing as you learn more about some characters whose stories just scratched the surface in the first novel. Like the first, it ends on a cliffhanger that left me entertained and eagerly awaiting the next installation.

AWG (book reviews)

5 stars
Loved it. If you hate or love any of ...
Bravo Paula. I was severely delayed in reading my personally signed copy and boy did I miss out not reading it sooner. It's a page turner, indeed. Read it in 3 nights. Definitely looking forward to the sequel. I'm hoping Ary and Dwayne get married! Loved it. If you hate or love any of the characters, Paula has done her job well. The ability to emote a reader is pure talent. Excellent for a first novel. Bra-vo.

5 stars
This review is from Janice
So glad that I didn't!
When I first saw that this book had over 100 chapters, I was ready to put it down. So glad that I didn't! From the very first page all the way until the end, I was intrigued, curious and anxious to see how the story would ultimately unfold. I was NOT disappointed. This is a great story and a quick read. You won't be able to put it down until you get to the very last page. You will then want more! I look forward to the sequel and the movie!

5 stars
This review is from Christina
This story drew me in and took me on a journey of emotions. I didn't want to put it down! It's not often that I read a book and I feel like I really get to know and therefore can relate to the majority of the characters.
I found myself cheering on their successes, getting angry at their betrayals, feeling hot in their intimate moments, empathizing with their pain, and rolling my eyes at some of their behavior.
While Ary is the main character in this story and we get to know her best, the author allows us to get in the heads of multiple characters by writing chapters focused on each of their perspectives. An already complicated and passionate story in and of itself comes even more to life by offering us readers the perspectives of all the individuals involved. I would love to see this story brought to the big screen!

5 stars
This review is from Vanessa
My favorite thing about reading is getting lost in another world. Putting myself in a character's shoes and living their life, if only for a moment. A good book allows you to explore, letting your imagination run wild. & that's the experience "A Woman's Game" provided me. It was easy to immerse myself into Ary's world. I felt the weight of the choices she had to make in deciding what she was willing to do to get ahead, or in the struggle to do what's right for her family.

I had a hard time putting the book down, and was disappointed when I got to the end... not because the ending was bad, but rather it meant that my journey with Ary and the Alexander family was over. At least, for now. I am hopeful for a sequel as I look forward to further character development for everyone, particularly with Ary and Marcus, and their sibling dynamic. I highly recommend "A Woman's Game." You won't be disappointed.

5 stars
This review is from J.W.
My only disappointment was that it ended...
I am always up for reading a new fiction novel, so when a friend told me about this book I immediately came on Amazon to check it out. After reading the summary and a couple of the reviews, I figured I would give reading the book a shot...and I am so glad I did. From the beginning, the main character, Ary, captured my attention. A young woman wanting to be successful in her professional life, while simultaneously managing her personal life and family obligations? Many millennial women, such as myself, can relate to this. But the description of the main character wasn't the only part of the story that kept me engaged. Every turn of the page had me wanting to read more. The secondary characters in the book brought out numerous emotions within me; anger, sadness, frustration, happiness...only a good author is able to incite emotions like these from their readers. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that if you are looking for a fiction novel to get lost in, A Woman's Game is a great choice.

In summary, this is a great book about family, ambition, love, and loss, told in a way that not only makes you feel for the characters but has you thinking about your own life as you read it. The only disappointing part is that the book ended...I honestly kept flipping the pages hoping more was to come. I am glad I purchased A Woman's Game :) Did I mention that it was so good that I finished it in 24 hours? I just couldn't put it down.

5 stars
This review is from Florence:
I enjoyed the family dynamic!
I found both the characters and the relationships engaging. I enjoyed the family dynamic, office politics and Ary's relationships. The story kept moving and I enjoyed the suspense till the end. The book transcends beyond love story, it portrays greed and avarice in the corporate setting and worst of all it is underpinned by office romance. I recommend it.

5 stars
This review is from An:
"Great Novel"
A Woman's Game is no fairy tale; it is a heartwarming yet pragmatic tale of human nature. The main players are well-developed and complex, you will know them like old friends before the end. The book also raises gender and race issues and links them with the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Each one has a different point of view, struggle, and turmoil. Overall, a fascinating read and definitely worth the time.

5 stars:
This review is from Sharpreader:
Job well done Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes - I enjoyed reading 'A Woman's Game' it was Steamy, suspenseful and emotional. An easy read, one that I will remember for a long time. Definitely sharing this with my Circle of family and friends. Looking forward to seeing this in movie form and looking forward to the sequel.

5 stars:
This review is from Yvette:
Great Book. I loved it. Great writing skills Ms. Pinderhughes. Very Hot!!! Filled with lots of emotions.

5 stars: A Must Purchase and Read. Enjoy the ride!!
This Review is from Harvey:
An extremely captivating storyline and phenomenal development of characters within the book. The author does an amazing job of describing situations and values that an individual reading the book may connect to regarding personal relations. It engages readers to have various perspectives regarding the theme, challenges, and solutions that develop. It is a read that cannot be put down; I encourage buying and becoming immersed in Ary's world!

4 stars: "Never a Dull Moment"
This review is from Sharon:
A Woman's Game is a wonderfully woven story about family with its fragile balance and the delicate role each family member plays. This novel heats up when one family member decides they do not want to play anymore. This book brilliantly describes survival in the face of tragedy and ultimately recovery and redemption. If this isn't enough, there is also a parallel plot of corporate corruption.

5 Stars: "What a fantastic read!"
This review is from Brenda:
What a fantastic read! This novel explores themes of race, class, sex, family relationships and a young black woman's experience in the male-dominated corporate world. The characters are complex and the story is multi-layered. Ms. McCoy-Pinderhughes draws you into Ary's world from the very beginning and holds your attention until the end. A gripping story, and as other reviewers have mentioned, a pager-turner. Highly recommended!

5 stars:
This review is from Cynthia:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very interesting characters and would highly recommend it!

4 stars: "A great novel from start to finish."
This review is from Karen:
A great novel from start to finish. The character development was outstanding and the story teaches a few moral values. I have already told people that this is a book they need to own!

5 stars: "Even tough guys will love this book."
This review is from Lou: this is my first read in this genre. I'm a crime fiction author so the title and cover was a stretch for me. I could not put this book down! The story and characters were amazing and the writing is flawless. I hope the author continues using her characters for another fabulous novel. Brava!!!

5 stars: Love It!
This review is from Lillian: This book is a fast read, but I decided to savor it after the first 100 pages. A Woman's Game grabbed my attention from the very beginning with Bruce Alexander's announcement. I had fun getting into the characters. I found Ary over the top and was always anxious about her next move. I hated Joseph and loved Dwayne. Marcus just made me shake my head although I understood why he was so damaged. Each time I picked up this book, it was as a special treat to end the day. It held my interest to the very last page. I'm looking forward to more fiction written by Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes

5 stars: Page Turner!
This review is from Pamela:
In 'A Woman's Game' every character seemed worthy of their own backstory. The book keeps you guessing up until the very end...and even then, you want more. You want to know what happens to the characters after the story ends. 'A Woman's Game' gives you an inside look into the lives of the wealthy and powerful and how 'games' can be used to your advantage or downfall. An excellent read.

5 stars: Buy This Book!!!!!!
This review is from AAA:
You will not be able to put this book down. For the first time in years I stayed up all night and into the wee hours of the morning to finish this book because I needed to know how it ended! It's a wonderful read for the beach, train or wherever you read. The complex characters would be great for a book club discussion. Ms. McCoy-Pinderhughes keeps the reader interested and engaged until the very end. I hope there will be a sequel!

4 stars:
This review is from Suzanne:
A good read featuring a family that defies stereotypes and yet feels very believable. A great first novel; I'll be sharing this one with my friends!

4 stars: Buy, Read, Pass It Along!
This review is from Antenor:
McCoy Pinderhughes writes a page turner that incorporates great themes such as family values, importance of the arts and culture, and Afrocentrism. The moment you begin the book you are immediately taken from your reality. There is no dull moment from start to finish. You become enthralled to the point you do not realize that you've reached the end.I look forward to her next novels and hope she is more adventurous.