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AWG, The Sequel (2017 events)

Brooklyn Book Festival 2017
Brooklyn Book Festival 2017
Brooklyn Book Festival 2017

Upcoming Book Fair @ BooksNJ2017 - June 11th from 1pm-5pm on the grounds of the Paramus Public Library in Paramus, NJ
Stop by, say hello, pick up your copy of AWG!

#AWGInTheWild contest winner, Vanessa Tom

“What a nice day for a stroll in the park! But first…Is this where Marcus and Deidra had their meet-cute? Inquiring minds NEED to know.” #AWGInTheWild
Book Club (Newark, NJ)
Book Club (Newark, NJ)
Join me on Monday, March 20th @ 5pm

Women's History Month Celebration (AKA/NAACP)

New Jersey Book Launch (Feb. 19, 2017)

New Jersey Book Launch

New York Book Launch (March 5, 2017)

awg (original) events 2014-2016

Festivals, Readings & Fun

Baltimore Book Festival
Reese's Roundtable Book Club, White Plains, NY
Book Club, Woodbridge, NJ
Collingswood Book Fair, Collingswood, NJ
Book Club, Newark, NJ